"So witty and hits the spot, surprisingly easy to read 
and take on board. Highly recommend!!" - Amazon review
Dramatically increase your confidence in public speaking
Use simple frameworks for creating a killer strategy and structure for your presentation
Enhance your delivery for maximum impact
Effectively incorporate comedy into your talks
Why this book?
There are lots of books on public speaking and how to become a better speaker, and all of them acknowledge the importance of humor in achieving this, but they don’t actually give you the tools and techniques to successfully develop and integrate comedy into your presentations. With ‘Cracking Speech Mate’ you get the comedy tools and much more.
Who is Sarah Archer?
Sarah Archer has a unique combination of experience in business, comedy, theatre, copywriting and coaching. She has written and performed comedy all over the UK, including two solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. She is a published playwright, actress and entrepreneur, and her courses have empowered people to overcome their fears, become funnier, and present powerfully.

“Archer is genuinely funny woman with a real talent for story telling” Scotsgay Mag “Sarah Archer is funny and insightful” – Broadway Baby “Another hidden fringe gem! What a great play! Great writing. Highly recommended. ***** – Joan Greening, Playwright “Attending Sarah’s course has made my dream come true.” Davinder Singh “Thank you for making the impossible possible!” – Norman Butler
"Bought this as I have best man duties next year, started to read it whilst making notes about how to use the invaluable techniques and ended up simply enjoying it too much and read the whole thing. Now I’m a partway through my 2nd read. Such a good book whether you’re looking for tips and tricks or just to have a laugh on the train. Also found that the insight into comedy and joke telling was fascinating. I checked out the author on youtube and she is a great stand up too so if Ms Archer reads this can I ask you to do an audiobook version?"
"Sarah you are ace and I’m now a fan! This short book was a Compelling read and I know that will be grabbed from the shelf and used as a reference book several times. It’s a great mixture of humour and experiences that blends with snippets from a wealth of comedians. You are caught in the planning stages of a speech and guided how to add humour and control timing. In the final chapter you feel like you are performing to a crowd and everybody is your best friend……Now I have to make that cracking speech!"
"I used this book to help me with technical presentation. Was great to get practical tips on both what to do, and not do, when injecting humour. The examples in the book show real case implementation of the given advice."
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